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Flanged ballrace 6 x 10 x 3 mm

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Ballraces are used wherever moving parts are required to run with a minimum of play and a minimum of friction. The more ballraces are used, the more smoothly the mechanics of a helicopter works, and the lower the rate of wear. The dimensions of a ballrace mean: inside diameter (I.D.) x outside diameter (O.D.) x thickness. For flanged bearings the same...

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Douille 3,1 x 12 x 9 mm


Pack of 2

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Pack of 2

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Douille 3,1 x 12 x 9 mm

Douille 3,1 x 12 x 9 mm

Pack of 2

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Tail rotor drive shaft mounting, part I

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These parts are used in a petrol Fenestron mechanical system for mounting the gearbox, where the rotational speed of the tail drive shaft has to be increased.Pack of 2

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