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Canopy latch

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The canopy retainer set helps to keep your canopies undamaged for a long period. It absorbs movement, such as abrupt shocks in hard landings, and prevents cracks developing in the canopy.Knurled nuts are used to hold the canopy in place, and they do not intent the canopy when tightened.The components of the canopy retainer system are screwed against...

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Axe à rotule 3,5 mm - M2,0x5,0

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These ball-end bolts offer an optimal connection between a GRP servo output arm and the pushrod to the mechanics. Underneath the output arm you lock the ball-end bolt with an M 2 hexagon nut. For aluminium output arms you use ball-end bolts Ord.No. 060/7 and thread-lock fluid.

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