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Flanged ballrace 6 x 10 x 3 mm

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Ballraces are used wherever moving parts are required to run with a minimum of play and a minimum of friction. The more ballraces are used, the more smoothly the mechanics of a helicopter works, and the lower the rate of wear. The dimensions of a ballrace mean: inside diameter (I.D.) x outside diameter (O.D.) x thickness. For flanged bearings the same...

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Kit propulsion électrique pour Lama 1,80 m

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Kit propulsion électrique pour Lama 1,80 m

Kit propulsion électrique pour Lama 1,80 m

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Set electrico para X-treme, 12S

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For the conversion of Xtreme mechanics to electric, for 12 S Lipos. (LiPos are not included in the set) Supplied with the drive set are: electric motor, controller, programmer, motor mount, pulley, belt, fixings Due to constantly changing supply and availability of electric motors, the motor used in this set may vary. Currently, the Pyro 700-45 from...

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