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Servo linkage set

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When you build your first model helicopter you will find all the linkage components required to connect the servos to the mechanics supplied with the RC set (German radio systems only). When you come to installing servos in other models you can use this servo linkage set which contains all the link balls, screws, nuts and screw-fitting pushrod...

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Helicopter kit Sky Fox

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Helicopter kit Sky Fox

Helicopter kit Sky Fox

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Steel manifold for 8 cc Webra

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The various exhaust manifolds differ in shape and in the size of the flange, to match different engines' exhaust stubs. The term "exhaust hole spacing" refers to the holes on either side of the exhaust port, measured between hole centres. Please check before you order that you have selected the correct manifold to match your model and engine. Measure...

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Sky Fox white incl. decor

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White canopy with smoked windows.If prefered the canopies of the Sky Fox series can be interchanged.They are pre-finished, decals annexed.Please take care to always choose the correct length canopy holder.

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Silence evo

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Mit dem Silence evo Trainer fliegen Sie einen Elektrohubschrauber, der ursprünglich aus der Sky Fox Serie stammt, und mit 1500 mm Rotorkreis eine auch für Anfänger ideale Größe aufweist. Das Modell ist gutmütig in den Flugeigenschaften, beim Kunstflug sind Looping und Rollen möglich.Der Silence evo ist in zwei Varianten erhältlich: mit Paddelkopf oder...

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