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Canopy latch

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The canopy retainer set helps to keep your canopies undamaged for a long period. It absorbs movement, such as abrupt shocks in hard landings, and prevents cracks developing in the canopy.Knurled nuts are used to hold the canopy in place, and they do not intent the canopy when tightened.The components of the canopy retainer system are screwed against...

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Ball-end bolt 3.5 mm - M 2.0 x 5.0

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These ball-end bolts offer an optimal connection between a GRP servo output arm and the pushrod to the mechanics. Underneath the output arm you lock the ball-end bolt with an M 2 hexagon nut. For aluminium output arms you use ball-end bolts Ord.No. 060/7 and thread-lock fluid.

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BENZIN Acrobatic

Motor Extras
Security Elements
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1550 / 1630 mm
6,2 kg
520 mm
200 mm
Rotor Diameter
1630 / 1780 mm

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BENZIN Acrobatic

BENZIN Acrobatic

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Fine-mesh petrol and kerosine filter

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Chemical analysis used in Formel 1 is able to determine 1 g of impurity within 1 ton of oil. To fulfill your demand on the cleanness of the fuel for your model helicopter you use the fine-mesh petrol filter inside the fuel tubing between the tank and the carburettor. Also suitable for kerosine turbine fuel.

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Petrol fuel tubing 1 m

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Fuel tubing for petrolapprox. 1 mtransparentFuel tubing inevitably suffers from the effects of ageing. Always replace brittle tubing before it gives problems! 

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Electric Benzin Conversion Kit, 6mm shaft

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Benzin-Trainer to electric conversion?..why not! Here is a rather simple way to convert your Benzin Trainer to electric power. Remove the Petrol motor and exhaust and replace it with an electric motor of your choice. The motor mount retrofit set can be used with the most common electric motors. This conversion set can also be used with the Benzin fuselage...

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Extractor screw

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Extractor screwkey size 13for flywheel and split tapper collet on petrol engines

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Carburettor intake trumpet

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This screw-fitting carburettor intake trumpet is designed to improve the flow of air entering the carburettor. Complete with screws and gasket.

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Cooling fan puller for the G230 petrol engine

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If you wish to install an electric on-board starter on a petrol engine, you will need to remove the existing cooling fan and replace it with a different one. The fan can only be removed using a puller.If you don't have the right tool, removing the fan often turns out to be a difficult task.We have designed the fan puller specifically for this purpose, so...

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Silence evo

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Mit dem Silence evo Trainer fliegen Sie einen Elektrohubschrauber, der ursprünglich aus der Sky Fox Serie stammt, und mit 1500 mm Rotorkreis eine auch für Anfänger ideale Größe aufweist. Das Modell ist gutmütig in den Flugeigenschaften, beim Kunstflug sind Looping und Rollen möglich.Der Silence evo ist in zwei Varianten erhältlich: mit Paddelkopf oder...

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